We believe that logo creation is both an art and a science. As such, Mother of Media has identified several basic rules of effective logo design:

We strongly believe that for a logo to be effective, it must be original as well as memorable in your customers’ minds. Most of all, a logo must be simple and recognizable. Overloading a logo with excessive detail and multiple images or text will simply create confusion in your target audience, and will likely have a negative effect towards your marketing efforts.

Some of the most successful logos are often simplified depictions of the image a company wishes to portray. For instance, think of the Nike or McDonald’s logos: they are simple, yet globally recognizable. Just as effectively, the name of a business in an originally designed type font will have a lasting impact on the target audience. For instance, companies such as Google and eBay have been very successful with their simple yet original type-only logos.

Furthermore, a logo must be resizable. An effective logo should always look clear and crisp, regardless of whether it is printed on a business card, published on a website, or amplified to fit a billboard. Thus, it is essential to test your logo in multiple media environments and sizes to ensure that consistency is maintained throughout.

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